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Best Advice uk for the self employed, contractors, consultants, company directors, freelancers- people in bad credit situations, tenants, arrears or court judgments-up to 125% of your home's value can be borrowed, monthly payments can be consolidated and reduced by up to 70%- many mortgages are fees- free with NO set up costs, like arrangements, valuations and legal fees!

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The majority of secured loans we offer are variable interest rate loans. In broad terms, this means that your monthly loan repayments can change both up or down in line with money market interest rates. A loan where the interest rate is variable tends to be cheaper at commencement than a loan where the interest rate is fixed for the whole period of the loan. This is because the cost of the risk that interest rates might rise has to be added into the fixed rate loan.

Our variable rate loans tend to fall into two main categories:

a) standard variable rate loans - with these loans the interest rate and thus the monthly payment tend to change only where there are major shifts in the money market rates. They won't be changed for minor changes in rates

b) base rate tracker loans - with these loans, the interest rate and thus the monthly payment tend to change with every change in money market rates because they are directly tied to either the base rates of one or more of the high street clearing banks or the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR)

The choice of interest rate rests largely with your risk outlook and this is inevitably influenced by what the likelihood is that interest rates might rise or fall in the future. Variable rates tend to be more popular where the likelihood is that money market interest rates are going to fall and less popular when the likelihood is that they will rise.

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Here are a few thoughts of some of our satisfied customers:

"Thanks for your help in arranging a speedy loan and helping me to cut my monthly bills to a manageable level."- Mr N.D., UK.

"Thank you all at Wise Money for being so patient and helping me all of the way through with my mortgage application process- it certainly helped to have someone on my side."- Ms N.B., UK.

"Dear Simon, I am very impressed with how you and your company handles situations, never in my life has any company treated me with such respect as to feel as if I were your biggest patron. So I now bid you a good day and I look forward to continual business with you"- Mr N.S., USA.

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· To provide visitors with a resource where we actually care about helping you with your finances, whether you are a multi-millionaire or someone who is looking for ways to get counseling for bad debts which are ruining their lives.

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