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Best Advice uk for the self employed, contractors, consultants, company directors, freelancers- people in bad credit situations, tenants, arrears or court judgments-up to 125% of your home's value can be borrowed, monthly payments can be consolidated and reduced by up to 70%- many mortgages are fees- free with NO set up costs, like arrangements, valuations and legal fees!

Please click here now for your best advice's loans for self employed borrowers
You may be one of the increasing number of people who have set up their own businesses and work for themselves. Or you may be considering setting up at the moment, actively encouraged by the government who would like to see an increase in entrepreneurship in our economy.

However if you are self employed you will probably be aware that most banks limit their loans to employed clients because of the (mistaken) belief that an employed applicant represents a better risk. Even those banks who offer loans to self employed applicants quite often do not offer such good terms, or they demand that the self employed applicant proves their income by providing a set of accounts signed by a chartered accountant which the vast majority of self employed business people do not have. Even then they will use the profits of the last three years and make no allowance for dips in profit that might have been caused by embarking on investment for expansion.

Our lenders are different. We love and understand self employed clients, having started as a small business ourselves; and faced similar problems raising finance. Our directors have first hand experience of all the problems associated with dealing with banks when you are self employed. We resolved that we would never treat you in the same high handed manner. So you can apply to us in any of the following circumstances:

You cannot provide accounts
No problem. All we ask is that you certify your current level of pre tax income and prove to us that you are actively self employed. For example you could send us your VAT certificate or a copy of your latest tax assessment - even if the profits show a lower figure than you are currently earning.

You can only provide an accountants letter
No problem. We understand that there is no legal requirement to prepare accounts for the majority of small businesses although you may retain an accountant to advise you on tax matters. Simply ask your accountant to write to us to confirm your income in our prescribed form and this will be perfectly acceptable to us.

For further details please apply online straight away on our self employed loans link now

Here are a few thoughts of some of our satisfied customers:

"Thanks for your help in arranging a speedy loan and helping me to cut my monthly bills to a manageable level."- Mr N.D., UK.

"Thank you all at Wise Money for being so patient and helping me all of the way through with my mortgage application process- it certainly helped to have someone on my side."- Ms N.B., UK.

"Dear Simon, I am very impressed with how you and your company handles situations, never in my life has any company treated me with such respect as to feel as if I were your biggest patron. So I now bid you a good day and I look forward to continual business with you"- Mr N.S., USA.

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· To provide visitors with a resource where we actually care about helping you with your finances, whether you are a multi-millionaire or someone who is looking for ways to get counseling for bad debts which are ruining their lives.

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